Hearing loss is the most common sensory deficit in humans today. As per WHO estimates in India, there are approximately 63 million people, who are suffering from Significant Auditory Impairment; this places the estimated prevalence at 6.3% in Indian population. As per NSSO survey, currently there are 291 persons per one lakh population who are suffering from severe to profound hearing loss (NSSO, 2001). Of these, a large percentage is children between the ages of 0 to 14 years. With such a large number of hearing impaired young Indians, it amounts to a severe loss of productivity, both physical and economic. An even larger percentage of our population suffers from milder degrees of hearing loss and unilateral (one sided) hearing loss.

Hearing impairment is the inability of an individual to hear sounds adequately in a normal environment. Such a situation results in severe Language and speech and language deficiency. A number of research studies have quite clearly demonstrated that children with a hearing loss have many disadvantages particularly if left unrecognized, untreated or under treated. A mild loss creates a personal nuisance for the child and their family but a profound loss is a major disability which affects all aspect of life. The child grows up with a low self-esteem and is never a part of the mainstream society. Often they are ridiculed or else sympathized with. If hearing impairment is identified early, these adverse effects due to hearing impairment in the child can be minimized.

We, at Ashray Akruti efforts are made to provide diagnostic and therapeutic services and to the children at a tender age. We make sure that our children deserve quality life and educational facilities. We are very happy to provide other quality services like meeting the recurring expenses for Cochlear implants and hearing aids, thus, mainstreaming them to a barrier free, right based society.

Focus on hearing impaired children

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