Selwyan Albert looks forward to a bright future

November 13, 2015

Selwyan Albert’s parents would have never imagined that their boy would be ahearing impaired. His father was an evangelist and mother, a home maker. His parents were in a state of shock when they came to know that their elder son can’t talk and hear. But they were ready to take up the challenge and give him the best life like any other child.
When he was five years old, they enrolled him in a special School and he studied up to 12th in the School. But after finishing his Pre Universityhe was not ready to go for formal education since he was finding difficulty to cope up with formal education. Since he was interested in drawing and painting he wished to take up a course which could sharpen his skills in fine arts.
It was through one of his friends he came to know about Ashray Akruti Multimedia and Animation Training Centre which offers market aligned designing and Animation software. He joined in the Centre in third batch. Initially it was not a cake walk for him to learn the software but the constant support from Ashray Akruti staff motivated him to strive and achieve his ultimate goal; becoming a skilled person to live in the world of art.
After the course he was joined in AARAA Animation Company. Now, his parents were very proud about him and they are giving full credits to Ashray Akruti for giving their son a brightful future.

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