Happy Ears !

November 13, 2015

S.K SanyaTabussum is more cheerful and happy when she visited the Hearing Clinic last time. She started using the Hearing aid regularly which was provided by Ashray Akruti. “I am so happy now. I can hear with my left ear too. Now I don’t have to struggle with my right ear alone to listen what my friends are talking, giggles naughty Sanya.
It was during one of the Community Ear Health Camp conducted by Ashray Akruti in the month ofJuly in Government Primary School YousafgudaAshrayAkruti found Sanya, a cheerful girl studying in 5th standard. In the camp, ENT specialist recognized that she is suffering from hearing loss. Even her teachers admitted that though a bright girl, Sanya faced difficulties with hearing which hampered her studies and socialization with her friends and in community.Ashray Akruti took her case under consideration and she was called with her parents to the Hearing Clinic at Ashray Akruti for a detailed hearing evaluation. After the tests it is understood that Sanya is profound hearing loss in left ear.
Her mother JabeenUnnisa and father Ahmed Ali who have accompanied her told the audiologists at Ashray Akruti that when she was small she used to listen with right ear. They have consulted her in ENT Hospital, Hyderabad where they have found that procuring hearing aid will cost much moreover her father was not ready to accept the fact that Sanya is a hearing impaired as she was listening with her right ear. So the family had not taken care of her difficulties in hearing.
On July 31stSanya got new hearing aid from Ashray Akruti and hearing aid trail and fitting was also done which will make her hear better.
Initially she was shy to wear the hearing-aid in front of her classmates but our Community Ear Health Workers during their home visitscounseled her on the importance of wearing aid and insisted her to wear it. Now Sanya is happy because she can be more active and engage with her friends and she says a thousand thanks to Ashray Akruti for making her life happier.

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