Caring The Neediest

November 13, 2015

K. Subbamma has 6 children. 3 girls and 3 boys. But no one is supporting her once after they got settled in their lives with their families. That’s how Subbamma at the age of 69 reached here in the St. Antony’s Old Age home. Now she is 84. Subbamma is from Andhrapradesh.
At the age of 18 years she got married and came to Hyderabad. She had completed her graduation before marriage and worked as a teacher in a nearby school. But after the demise of her husband she had to work in Liquor Company as daily wage laborer.
“When I was young, I worked hard. I gave education and shelter to my children. But now they are not ready to take care of me. Maybe this is my destiny” she said while sharing her life story.
This time, Ashray Akruti’s new initiative Mobile Hearing Clinic through which free hearing screening is provided to senior citizens in Old Age Homes conducted a screening camp in St. Anthony’s Old Age home.
In the test, it is noted that Subbamma has 45% hearing loss in her left ear whereas 50% in right ear. She is moderate sensorineural hearing loss and is in need of a hearing aid. Understanding the need, Ashray Akruti decided to provide hearing aid for Subbamma. On September 29th Subbamma was called in the Hearing Clinic at Ashray Akruti and hearing aid trail and she was given a Digital hearing aid through which she can hear better.

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