A new life to Arshiya

November 13, 2015

At the age of two Arshiya Unnisa used to call her mother and little brother Wahid by clapping her hands. Nodsheen remembers that her daughter Arshiya never called her mommy when she was a kid. That’s how Nodsheen and her Husband Khalid decided to take little Arshiya to the ENT Hospital, Koti. To their utter distress, they came to know that their little girl is a hearing impaired.
“We were more worried about her education. We did not know where to go and who to approach “said Nodsheen while she was talking about her worries on Arshiya.
They heard about Ashray Akruti from the Government E.N.T Hospital and enrolled her in the PP class. At Ashray Akruti she got special education along with Auditory Training and Speech Therapy. “It was her third year in Ashray Akruti School, Yakatpura Branch, now she can understand words and can speak few words. I am very happy to see the difference in her,” said Nodsheen with a broad smile on her face.

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