Special education

The Special Education is reaching out to the hearing impaired children, help them to remain in education and aspire for a great life. Starting with five children in Sri Nagar Colony, now Ashray Akruti’s special school has two more branches in Yakatpura and Chandrayangutta in Hyderabad.

The Organization follows Oral Aural Method of teaching to develop speech and communication among the hearing impaired students. This approach combines speech, use of residual hearing and speech reading. Over the past seventeen years the organization has successfully mainstreamed 200 hearing impaired students into various schools, colleges and universities.

Ashray Akruti provides residential facility to the students who are from outside Hyderabad. The students are provided free shelter, nutritious food, transport facility and utmost care.

Our unique teaching model in Special Education Centre

  1. Preparing Hearing Impaired children for mainstream Education.
  2. Providing Appropriate Hearing Aids
  3. Frequent evaluation of Hearing loss
  4. Early intervention facilities for the young Hearing Impaired children
  5. Auditory Verbal Therapy for the children who undergone Cochlear Implants
  6. Speech therapy for students with hearing loss
  7. Training in English and mother tongue (Telugu/Hindi)
  8. Training parents for teaching children at home
  9. Low student-teacher ratio to ensure high individual attention to children
  10. Computer Education
  11. co-curricular activities such as Dance, Karate, painting, Yoga, Sports, Banjara Work, Mehndi, Knitting
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